March 2013

Henry Lee reflects on how mHealth can capture better and more useful patient data

27 March 2013

We continue to exist in a world overrun with information. Too often this information is bloated with answers to questions nobody has asked or wants to know, is incomplete or fails to answer the question posed. Finding the salient information in amongst the deluge has always been a challenge and never more so than now. Adopting a more personalised solution in the form of mHealth data collection offers a major strategy in healthcare that can help address this.

Oliver Keown discusses the role of mHealth and the pharmaceutical industry

26 March 2013

Some have criticised big pharma for being slow off the mark to monopolise on the mHealth revolution. In the changing pharmaceutical landscape where the days of the block-buster drugs are fading and innovation is key, it is easy to see why momentum is now building and the industry is becoming more aware of the potential for mHealth solutions in nearly all aspects of their business practice.

Wellnote featured on NHS Choices homepage

26 March 2013


The latest version of ‘Wellnote by Dr Darzi’ has been prominently featured on the homepage of NHS Choices. NHS Choices is the online ‘front door’ to the NHS providing visitors with a comprehensive range of health information. The site is the most widely used healthcare website online and has over 20 million visits a month (13 million unique users). At the same time as being featured on NHS Choices, Wellnote was also one of the first apps to be featured on the NHS Health Apps library.