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Video of presentation can be found here

Dominic King and Ara Darzi from DigitalStitch attended the recent 2014 World Economic Forum held in Davos. The World Economic Forum brings together top business leaders, international politicians, academics and journalists to discuss the most pressing challenges facing the world. With other academics from Imperial College London, they presented an IdeasLab to address specific issues of importance with a high profile audience.

The Imperial IdeasLab investigated the role of life-enhancing technologies in improving the quality of patients’ lives. Dominic spoke about how smartphones and tablets can be used to influence health behaviours such as smoking, physical inactivity and poor diet. The key message was that by incorporating the latest behavioural insights, we can design effective mHealth interventions to counter poor health choices.

More generally health was a much bigger issue this year in Davos than previously. Central to discussions in this context were the role of new technologies in transforming healthcare delivery. Figures discussing these issues included Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo), Joseph Jimenez (CEO, Novartis) and Arianna Huffington (CEO, Huffington Post).

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  1. mHealth_Reporter

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    Completely awesome!
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