DigitalStitch is a spin out from Imperial College London, one of the world’s leading centres for education and research in science and medicine. Our team is passionate about how mobile device technologies can be used to deliver effective and cost-efficient healthcare solutions.

Across the world, billions of people are carrying mobile phones and tablet devices that has transformed the way health information is accessed and delivered. mHealth is the term that is being used to describe how mobile technologies can improve healthcare – DigitalStitch is at the forefront of this revolution.

Led by physicians with a strong interest in innovative technologies in healthcare, our team also includes software developers, behavioural scientists and technologists who are familiar with the challenges and complexities of working in the healthcare sector. We work as a close team to deliver clients high quality, robust and cost-effective digital solutions to meet the most pressing challenges.

The DigitalStitch difference

  1. We are led by physicians, who contribute their in-depth knowledge to each project.

  2. Our team contains expertise from leading behavioural scientists and design consultants to ensure the products we develop have impact.

  3. Health technologists ensure our solutions comply with all regulatory and information governance requirements.

  4. Our software developers have worked for a wide range of blue chip clients and develop solutions across the different operating platforms.