Dr Dominic King

Dominic is a surgeon and behavioural economist at Imperial College London. He is the author of the prominent Cabinet Office MINDSPACE report that has heavily influenced government thinking on how to change public behaviour. He has worked on a large number of research and commercial mHealth projects and has particular interests in behaviour change, gamification and user-centred design.

Dr Henry Lee

Henry is a surgeon in London with an academic interest in the use of new measures of health and wellbeing in shaping health policy. He has worked on the development of a number of healthcare apps and has particular experience in outcome metrics and user engagement.

Sejal Jiwan

Sejal is an experienced technology manager and management accountant with a keen interest in innovation in healthcare. He has considerable experience in ensuring software products are compliant with the regulatory environment in which they operate.

Dr Oliver Keown

In addition to Oliver’s medical training and experience as a clinician, he has worked extensively with academics and big pharma on research projects and clinical trials in both the United Kingdom and internationally. He now sits as a committee member for the British Pharmacology Society and is passionate about developing mHealth solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Professor Ara Darzi

Ara leads the Division of Surgery at Imperial College London and is Chairman of the Institute of Global Health Innovation. Research led by him is directed towards achieving best medical practice through innovation and enhancing safety and quality. In 2007 he was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Health. He relinquished this role in July 2009 when he was appointed by the Prime Minister as the U.K Global Ambassador for Health and Life Sciences.


Imperial Innovations

Imperial Innovations builds and invests in technology and healthcare companies, and has supported the development of DigitalStitch. The goal of Imperial Innovations is to bring valuable ideas to market either by building businesses or licensing to industry. They are highly experienced in every stage of the route to commercialisation.


Studiohead are an independent Design and Innovation consultancy, with experience in working in a variety of industry sectors and across design disciplines. Studiohead thrive on bringing new ideas to the table based on evidence, and taking them through to production. They will advise DigitalStitch where user-centred design and development principles can enhance the final product.